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More Plans [27 Chirreb 4260]
Today in Riskalt most adventures are the quite small adventures that happen all in one day, or never leave the city. None wants to be out of the palisade on the first dawn of Oix.

My adventures are the very small adventures indeed, for they are the tedious adventures with the small wooden box. Grafting spells is shorter for me than for most, and this spell grafts better than most for me, but still Cure Accanax's Hideous Embrace is a quite complex spell. Ten hours and ten cley it takes, leaving six cley to bind a few more spells of healing and one more cley for anything I might need through the night.

While I am busy with the wooden box, the other adventurers make plans. Some of it is the plans of what to find if it is hot or cold Surprise, so that the finding is faster when that is known. Also there is the planning for farther away.

"Pah! We won't be known and sung through the ages for the things the heroes think beneath their time," says the Gormoror.

"It's still things that need doing," is the Orren's protest.

"There's no shortage of things that need doing," Chrysomerax tells him. "If they can afford to pay us this well for the things they don't have time for, they most be finding a lot of wealth somewhere doing other things that need doing."

"Perhaps the wild tales that made their way above aren't entirely fabrications," says the Zi Ri. Aside from Chrysomerax, zie is nearest me, sitting in the fire I am curled up beside with the boxed spell. "Once we're somewhat better established, we should be alert for a place that can be tamed. Even a field of salt bushes would be better than nothing."

"Salt bushes?" Tantamerakis scoffs, and his fist strikes the table. "Salt bushes are for farmers! Surely a band of mighty adventurers can do better than that!"

"No doubt," the Zi Ri replies, "but whatever we might be in time, we're not that, not yet. Besides, I didn't say that we should find the first valuable bit of land we can and settle for only that. It would just give us somewhere to start."

The Gormoror ponders this a moment, and then grins. "A defensible camp near a forest full of game - that will be enough to start!"

"A forest is harder than grasslands to explore," Chrysomerax says. "More likely we'll find something people have missed there. I'll see what the maps have so far, especially around this lake we'll be going to - though anything that way is probably claimed already."

"So we go beyond those claims!" exclaims the Gormoror. "Find land of our own that no prime feet have been set upon!"

"Assuming this pond isn't right by the Verticals," the Orren says quietly.

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I would like more salt bushes!

Your journal, however it's managing to reach here, has a terrible dilation factor.

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