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Quill-scratchings of a city-Sleeth

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Hot Surprise [1 Oix 4260]
Before dawn it is the quite pleasant autumn night. I wake early as always, and with the very last of my cley I bind one more spell, and I wait for dawn.

On other night possibly I nap on the roof to wait for the sun, but I do not do that today of course.

Soon after dawn, everyone who pulls blankets over themselves against the autumn air is struggling out of them, and many are seeking lighter clothing and regretting dark or thick fur.

Only the Zi Ri is happy. "If you're going to drag me by the tail on this mission of yours just so I can be of no use," zie says, "at least I'll get to enjoy the weather."

Now I am very glad to know Cold Delight. Before we go, we freeze skins of water, so they are still cold later in the day when they have melted somewhat.

Now I am not very glad to have fine black fur. When we are under the cover of trees, I am the happier Sleeth. Still it is hot, but at least there the sun does not add to the heat so much like it does in the city. Indoors, the still air stifles; outside, the sun is too bright and hot.


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