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Daytime Doze [2 Oix 4260]
Staying awake long after sunout is the much easier thing playing with an eager Rassimel than it is when everyone who is not Zi Ri is wilting and sleepy in Surprise-heat. For the Rassimel himself it is the somewhat easier thing, but five times he pinches my ear when I am dozing off.

By midnight my ear is sore and I withdraw my request for him to keep me awake. I have two cley left in case something wakes me before dawn - no meditating for the second cley this time - and if something does, probably it is the emergency of note so I have use for those cley.

There is no emergency. I wake briefly a few minutes before dawn to bind one last spell before my new cley arrives. It is the light day for cley, so those two cley would have been fine to sleep with instead of finding one more spell to bind, and so waking up to spend them is not the happiest moment. But I am awake and hungry and already hot, so I find something to help with the hunger and heat.

Running through Riskalt there is the Kasadrin River. It is not much of a river yet - its source is the spring a hundred miles outward, and one smaller tributary joins it twenty miles away from the palisade. There are hardly any fish in the river, but the water is cool and clear and smells of sweet spices so the Orren are liking it. The river flows through the tangled thorn-vines that bind the wall, so there are even less fish in the city, and not far from the trunkward wall there is the dam that makes the river fill the smallish lake, and this is stocked with not yet enough fish. Here, or in the tumbled rapids below the dam, there can be found many Orren, especially in hot Surprise.

At other times, some of the Orren are playful in ways that the Onaza Orren are not. When they are in water-form the Riskalt Orren, or some of them, do not care who sees them coupling. In hot Surprise, even in the water all they wish to do is rest, and that is why I come there also.

It is easier to doze there on the lake's grassy bank than in the sweltering house. From time to time I wake as Orren or some few others get in or out of the water near me.

One time, the droopy tired Orren nudges my shoulder and suggests that if one fish happens to swim closer, no one will miss it so long as many more do not follow. So I paddle out from shore somewhat, and a fish follows me back, and we find enough energy to tumble and swim so that nobody outside the lake sees our snack and makes a great fuss, and then she cuddles up beside me and dozes also. Rrai, in the water the warmth is not so bad, and the contact is pleasant.

She is right - there are good fish in the lake, enough for the snack here or there, but not enough fish to eat them often. But that is the concern for after sunout.

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That sounds like a happier time than my day in hot weather. I am cleaning house today, with the scrubbing and the dust.

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