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Fortunate Finds [2 Oix 4260]
As the sun gutters lower I spend three more cley to finish grafting Cure Gnarn's Deadly Game. I do not leave the very expensive boxed spell behind, or risk losing it in the wilds.

We leave at sunout. I am not the greatest fighter of us, but I have Sleeth eyes and Sleeth nose and Sleeth ears, so I go first, then the Orren and the Rassimel and the other Rassimel and the Gormoror and the Herethroy. The Zi Ri goes wherever in the group zie wishes.

The journey is still hot, especially when the trees are close all around and the trail is narrow, winding, and half-overgrown, but at least the sun is not burning overhead so the heat is closer to bearable. Especially with the half-frozen waterskins. The footing is treacherous, so Chrys takes a moment away from the group to pack his things on a Sleeth-style harness and journeys in krango shape, and for the others I cast Sleeth Eyes. After that they are not telling me to slow down so much.

I watch between the trees always, but the trees themselves I do not pay so much attention. Tantamerakis is the one who notices the vine twisting around the old arken tree and the small fruit hanging from it, and asks the Zi Ri to bring one of the fruit down. The Zi Ri is not so pleased at this task, but gets the fruit anyway.

The Gormoror looks at the fruit for some time, and sniffs it, and maybe inspects it magically. Finally he grins. "This is hyprie," he says, and looks back up at the vine. "We've found a good bounty already - there's a few fat discs' worth of hyprie right there over our heads!"

Hyprie. I do not see it before, I do not know that these small round fruit are called hyprie, but I do know the name of hyprie from my Guild training - useful and doomful both. Mostly the Guild warns of the signs of hyprie intoxication, comparing it to putting anyone's mind in the Orren-like wild rush, only not quite so quick. But the reasons anyone would eat hyprie are mentioned also.

Again the Zi Ri goes up to the vine, with even more grumbling, and cuts it free, bringing it down with the other fruit attached. The Gormoror makes to cast Tough Herbs so the fruit are not harmed by being in his pack, but the idea strikes me suddenly.

"Save the one already plucked," I suggest.

"Save it?" the Gormoror asks, turning that one in his fingers. "What for? It's no key to great magical potency."

"But it helps spontaneous magic," I point out.

"Somewhat, yes..."

"I spend more time than many with my spontaneous magic," I point out. "Also I am good with Ruloc and Corpador, and I can use spells with both well, as all Sleeth can. Before we confront the gunch, I eat that one. I do not want it to be tough under my teeth."

"Leaving us with an unfocused healer..."

"We have another healer also," I say, and wave a paw towards the other Rassimel.

Chrys swallows doubly, then his left head manages to say, "We could use any edge we can get. Does anyone have a better idea?"


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