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Quill-scratchings of a city-Sleeth

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Final Preparations [predawn of 3 Oix 4260]
Near dawn, the river bends ahead of us, and Chrysomerax thinks we are close. The Zi Ri casts Mask Odors on me, and I creep along the bank where the sound of the water masks my footsteps.

There is the larger pool, and there is the gunch lying very still in it. The pool is not the very much larger pool, so some of the gunch is out of water still. Especially the spines are out of water, and though there is pondweed all over them still they are very very colorful beneath that, and all look to be whole - none are bent or obviously broken.

"Sounds like it's a bit on the small side, actually - for a gunch," says Chrys when I return. "Just as well. Still, we'll need to take this as carefully as we can. And preferably not wading all the way in with it - better if we can get it to the shore."

"That's the truth," says the Orren.

"Best to afflict it with a few spells before it has a chance to get to us," muses the Zi Ri. A Wall of Air in its path as soon as the arrow's on its way might give us a few more moments to that effect, if not long."

"Good," says the Orren. "What else do you have that can slow it down?"

The Zi Ri and the Gormoror discuss spells. The Gormoror picks up the fallen log and says that with it he conjures the elemental to fight. The Zi Ri is ready with Toughen the Flesh, and also with Leather Noose. The Gormoror has vines and Pepper Strikes and such things.

I want to make the quick excursion of hunting, so that I do not swallow a fruit by itself, but Tantamerakis insists I be ready to fight immediately after dawn, so instead I have dried meat from our packs.

When the sun first glimmers through the leaves, I have this special snack.

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It seems that preparations were interrupted.

Yea, I can't see anything... :( :(

Ah. It was the tasty fruit. I'm actually glad I have no such fruit around me, though perhaps it would be nice to try once or twice.

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