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Quill-scratchings of a city-Sleeth

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Examinations [3 Oix 4260]
The world through hyprie is very strange. Thoughts chase thoughts like kittens chase butterflies, and with each step and turn there is the new distraction. So strange are the thoughts that made sense at the time, when I record this after I cannot follow them. It is clearer now why, after some moments of discussion, Chrys suggests I nap by the water.

So I do not see when the other healer examines the Orren, but I hear of the examining after.

Sablemask, it seems, has the curious affinity for Healoc. He is not so good with it himself, but somehow, even healed twice by Heal Once, he still feels like he is not yet healed today. Another spell and he is only somewhat bruised, with only the hole in his armour to say that not an hour ago he is somewhat impaled.

I make my own inspection of the Orren later, and though he is already healed, still there is the curious resonance with Healoc to his magerium. Also his water-form is very very slender, but quite strong. He flirts well, hinting that things may be possible later, but now he is hurt and tired and still not sure he wishes the flirting to go farther. Still, he has the right idea of the heat, napping in the water. I am not so comfortabl in the water, but being wet lets the light breeze cool me somewhat better than otherwise.

As I rest on the bank, I hear two Rassimel talking, in voices that would be very soft, maybe too soft, to any but Sleeth ears. The one asks, "Doesn't that bother you at all?"

Chrys chuckles softly before he responds, "He's a Sleeth. I might be able to keep him sated if I made it my life's work, maybe. He'd probably need more variety. So long as I'm the one he comes back to, I'm content."

Before I examine the Orren, Chrys examines the gunch, and the gunch's spines. For all the gunch is the quite small gunch, the spines are fine quality, though he worries somewhat that perhaps they warp in hot Surprise; so they are slung against the pack with half-frozen water to stave off the heat as much as possible. The few hundred lozens is not the great prize - the boxed spells I learn are worth far more - but still it is the better prize than none at all.


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